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FOR THE MEDIA • May 31, 2023

PSG has completed a project to modernise dispatch communications

One of the core values of PSG is to ensure safety. This pertains to both the guarantee of gas supply to consumers and the safety of users during the daily use of this fuel. That is why PSG continues to develop and invest in this key segment of its business, including the Gas Emergency Service system. A project to upgrade dispatch communications has just been completed.

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FOR THE MEDIA • May 17, 2023

PSG: We are willing to use modern Polish technologies

New technologies in the process of decarbonising the gas industry – this was one of the topics discussed during the second day of the 26th GAZTERM conference. Ireneusz Krupa, Board Member for Development and Investment PSG, participated in a panel discussion.

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FOR THE MEDIA • May 16, 2023

Regulatory change—Key to biomethane market development

The role and importance of biomethane in ensuring Poland's energy sovereignty were the main topics of a panel organised by Polska Spółka Gazownictwa during the 26th GAZTERM conference. The event was also attended by Jakub Kowalski, Board Member for PSG Operations.

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FOR THE MEDIA • April 28, 2023

PSG: making the gas green will accelerate Polish economy

On April 27, the Warsaw Gas Plant Museum hosted a conference entitled "Normalisation and standardisation as necessary technical regulations of the 21st century", organised by the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry. Marian Żołyniak, Member of the Management Board for Technical Issues at PSG, participated in the event.

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FOR THE CUSTOMER • April 27, 2023

Beware of scammers! The "gas fitter" scam in Radomsko

For several years now, Polska Spółka Gazownictwa (PSG) has been warning Poles against fraudsters who are extorting money by pretending to be gas works employees. Over the last days, fake gas fitters have targeted the residents of Radomsko. We would like to remind you that our employees are not entitled to collect any fees directly from customers. We also recommend exercising extra caution and advise on what to do in the case of a suspected attempt of such fraud.

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FOR THE MEDIA • April 21, 2023

PSG was awarded during the EXPO-GAS 2023 Trade Fair

The stand of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa received an honorary distinction during the 12th edition of the EXPO-GAS Trade Fair. Robert Więckowski, President of the Management Board at PSG, collected the prize.

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FOR THE MEDIA • April 20, 2023

PSG - ready for biomethane

During the 12th EXPO-GAS Gas Engineering Trade Fair in Kielce, Polska Spółka Gazownictwa declared its readiness to distribute biomethane through its network. President Robert Więckowski discussed the role of PSG in the energy transformation of Poland during the "Energy for industry" panel organised as part of the jubilee conference, "New technologies for multiutility".

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FOR THE MEDIA • April 19, 2023

PSG at EXPO-GAS 2023

The EXPO-GAS 12th Gas Engineering Trade Fair began today in Kielce. The main theme of the Polska Spółka Gazownictwa stand is PSG's readiness to distribute biomethane. The event will last until April 20.

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FOR THE MEDIA • April 6, 2023

PSG’s anniversary

It may seem that Polska Spółka Gazownictwa has been operating for a very long time. Even though the distribution of gas in Poland began around 170 years ago, we've been working under the name of PSG for a decade now, proudly continuing the rich tradition of the gas industry in Poland.

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FOR THE MEDIA • April 4, 2023

PSG has completed an important investment for Płock

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa has completed the development of a gas network in the left-bank district of Płock. Thanks to the project, around 1,700 customers have gained access to gas, which will significantly improve air quality in the region. The investment has cost 16 million zlotys.

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