In the event of complaints regarding invoices resulting from a Comprehensive Contract for the supply and sale of fuel gas, please contact the Gas Supplier you have signed the contract with. The Supplier’s contact information can be found on the gas invoice.

If you need to submit a complaint regarding objections to the activities conducted by Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. (for example, readings and measurements, connection to the gas network, or matters related to gas meters), please choose the form that is convenient for you:

In your complaint, please provide the following information:
  • the client’s name/company name,
  • pickup point address,
  • email address/telephone,
  • description of the complaint,
  • expected way of handling the case, and
  • the form in which you would like to receive the answer (in writing, by e-mail, or by phone).

We will address the complaint and provide a reply within 14 days of receiving the complaint, in the form that you indicate in the complaint. We guarantee confidentiality and impartiality to our clients and complainants.

Complaints regarding the operation of gas meters can be checked at the Recipient’s request. To this end, please submit an “Application for Verification/Laboratory Verification of the Correctness of the Measuring System Measurements.” Within 14 days after the request, we will dismantle the gas meter and send it to an independent testing laboratory for testing.

The Recipient will cover the costs of checking the operation of the measuring system and the laboratory test only in the event that the verification, laboratory test, or additional expertise reveals no irregularities in the operation of the measuring system. In such a case, the Recipient agrees to a VAT invoice being issued without their signature. According to the Tariff for Fuel Gas Distribution Services of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o:

  • if no irregularity is found while checking the readings of the measuring system, I undertake to cover the costs of having the measuring system checked (up to 110 kWh/h, or for propane/butane gas, 126.18 PLN net; for a measuring system over 110 kWh/h, 210.83 PLN net).
  • in the event that the laboratory test results show the accuracy to be within the limits of error permitted by the Regulation of the President of the Central Office of Measures, I undertake to cover the fees resulting from the invoice issued by the accredited test center and the costs of disassembling and assembling the measuring system (up to 110 kWh/h, or for propane/butane gas, 71.84 PLN net; for a measuring system over 110 kWh/h, 129.31 net PLN).

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