Our priority is to ensure the security of gas supplies. Every day, around the clock, thousands of qualified employees make sure of that.

Read on for essential information about the safe use of natural gas. Find out how to deal with gas leaks as well as how to make investments to avoid damage to the gas network.

When gas is leaking

  1. Close the valve
    at the gas meter

  2. Do not light a fire (matches
    or lighters), light

  3. Open doors
    and windows

  4. Leave the building (room)
    with the rest of the inhabitants

  5. Notify the Gas Emergency
    Service — dial 992

In the event of a breakdown or suspected damage to the gas network, dial:

Phone icon 992

This is an emergency number and should only be used in emergencies. All intervention notifications are recorded.

For other matters, such as connecting to the gas network or carrying out a connection agreement, please contact the selected field unit of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa. Detailed contact information can be found here

Gas network security

We call for conscious and safe performance of digging work in places where underground infrastructure is located, particularly the gas network. Each resulting failure in the gas network may pose a threat to life and health or to the environment. Damage to the gas pipeline may disrupt the functioning of the gas system.

Therefore, please report to the company’s local units any digging work that may conflict with the gas network.

Our branches will provide information on the gas network, including any part that is located on your property. The company’s employees will assist you in this regard and will provide you with all the necessary information.

Phone icon Note! If the gas network is damaged, the Gas Emergency Service (992) or the Fire Brigade (998) should be notified of the situation immediately.

Safety of natural gas users

Correct operation of gas systems and devices

An icon showing a section of a gas network with a valve and pressure gauge and a sign confirming that the network is in good condition

Provide an annual inspection of the condition of the flue ducts

Icon showing the process of burning gas informing that to burn 1 m3 of gas you need about 10 m3 of air

Burning 1 m3 of gas requires approx. 10 m3 of air

  • do not cover the openings of the intake grills in doors and ventilation ducts       
  • take care of proper exhaust gas discharge
  • provide a proper air draft in the ventilation duct
  • do not cover or reduce the diameter of flue ducts and do not eliminate ventilation openings in rooms where gas appliances are installed.

Always use gas appliances in accordance with the operating instructions and their intended use.

Natural gas odorizing

At least once a year, out of concern for the safety of gas recipients, Polska Spółka Gazownictwa carries out a campaign to odorize natural gas. The odorizing action consists in increasing the amount of odorant in the gas network. As a result, the smell of gas becomes more intense, which makes it possible to detect any leaks in the gas network or systems.

If you smell leaking gas, immediately notify the services of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa under the emergency number 992.

A perceptible smell of gas may indicate either a leak in the gas network or system or a malfunction of gas appliances (e.g., fouled or improperly adjusted burners). The inspection and repair of the gas network is carried out by the services of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, while the removal of identified irregularities in gas systems and devices is the responsibility of the owners or administration of the facilities.


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