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Feel free to use the service of the eBOK Portal dedicated to Commercial Recipients and Suppliers of fuel gases who have signed a contract with Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. (PSG) for the Provision of a Distribution Service.
The eBOK portal is a system that allows a Single Distribution Order (SDO) to be submitted in a friendly way and operational measurement data (not a basis for settlement) to be downloaded anywhere and at any time, 24 hours a day. This ensures the control of submitted SDO applications and allows their status to be checked easily.

The eBOK portal is currently used by Users to communicate with PSG within all tariff areas for WS type outputs and all WR type outputs.

We invite you to use the eBOK DSC Portal.
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Since July 1, 2020, PSG has offered a new version of the eBOK Portal with a redesigned user interface and extended functionality for market communication. Since July 1, 2020, the new portal has included changes such as the possibility to submit all types of PZD defined in the Distribution Network Code using the new POD numbering in the GS1 standard.

In addition, the eBOK Portal has a number of additional functionalities concerning:

  • submitting simple complaints via the eBOK Portal (regarding complaints without attachments), or for inquiries and receiving replies in the same form. The existing communication channels for submitting complaints, in accordance with the provisions of the Distribution Contract and in the form of dedicated email boxes, will still be active.
  • PoD search by address for outputs with an active SDO/without an active SDO,
  • Information on PoD and settlement of PoD,
  • monitoring the flow of SDO messages,
  • handling the allocation process for cases with several PZDRs at several DSCs, or when there is more than one gas supplier on the ODSW network (in accordance with Chapter 22 of the IMODN), the use of which will commence in consultation with the parties concerned, and
  • sharing operational data.

Please send any comments and suggestions related to new communication channels for the complaint process to the appropriate email address:

- if they concern complaints sent via the eBOK [email protected]

- if they concern complaints sent via the EDIFACT channel, [email protected]

At the same time, we would like to thank you for all comments and suggestions regarding the newly implemented features, which we will use to improve the system to facilitate communication with our Customers.

Please use the eBOK portal (ebok.psgaz.pl) in an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari web browsers. The reason the buttons (tiles) are missing after logging in to the portal is that an outdated browser version is being used (particularly Internet Explorer).

Existing users of the eBOK portal will have access to the portal’s new version without submitting an application. Active accounts in the previous version of the portal will be migrated to the new version with passwords. After logging in to the new version of the eBOK portal, the application may request that your password be changed to a new one that is in line with the more restrictive security requirements.

Irregularities related to the operation of eBOK and comments about the user manual should be sent to [email protected].

When opening an exported CSV file directly in MS Excel, GS1 identifiers are presented in an exponential form with rounding (this is due to the way MS Excel works, not a data export error). In order to properly present the point identifier in the GS1 format in an MS Excel spreadsheet, you can use the function for importing data from text/CSV files and indicate that the “Delivery Point” column is in text format, or use another tool that does not transform the data in undesirable ways.

Due to performance problems on the new portal in the feature that downloads operating data, we have temporarily restored the previous version of the operating data download portal available at ebok-zabrze.psgaz.pl for temporary parallel use. The access data (password and login) to this version of the portal remain unchanged. Please do not use the features related to PZD support in the old version of the portal.

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