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Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. carries out promotional activities focused on business results in line with sustainable strategic management. The goal of its sponsorship activities is to build brand awareness and a reputation, as well as to establish and maintain positive relationships with stakeholder groups that affect the performance of the business activities of the Company.
PSG sp. z o.o. is involved in sponsorship activities in line with the principles of independence of the Operator of Distribution System, as well as the effective Compliance Program and the Partnership Agreement.

The sponsorship activities carried out by the Company cover four main areas:

  • sports sponsorship – including sports associations, sports for children and teenagers, academic sports, and local initiatives in sports development, 
  • sponsorship of activities related to education, research & development area, innovation, popularization of knowledge and public education at various levels, 
  • cultural sponsorship – support of theatre and opera events, music festivals, concerts, cultural events, film production, etc., 
  • sponsorship of social and historical activities referring to the history of Poland, including patriotic events beneficial for the whole society.

Sponsorship is established after a thorough, individual, substantive and economic assessment of every project. Therefore, applications should contain detailed information which allows for an analysis of the costs of reaching recipients, including a comprehensive description of all ATL, BTL, and PR activities.

As part of the description of activities, please indicate the type of media, the number of issues, the range, circulation, formats, and locations of outdoor media, and a description of the planned ambient activities and online activities on the Internet and social media.

In the case of BTL activities, the description and format of the materials as well as the area of the information about the sponsor and the number and description of events during which information about the sponsor will be displayed, should be additionally specified.

Everyone interested in initiating a sponsorship with PSG sp. z o.o., please send a correctly completed application to [email protected] (application template available below).

Applications for the sponsorship of projects whose effectiveness cannot be estimated because of a lack of necessary data will not be considered.

Due to the comprehensive approach to the implementation of sponsorship projects, including the company’s development of additional activities supporting the communication of sponsored projects, the average time to undertake sponsorship activities is approx. 2 months from receipt of the application.

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa supports valuable initiatives that contribute to the development of society in many areas. To this end, PSG has developed internal rules for granting financial and in-kind donations which guarantee that each potential beneficiary will receive aid according to the same criteria.

Professional projects are of particular importance for the company, pursuing goals related to:

  • patriotic and historical events,
  • social issues, i.e., supporting people and organizations as part of helping the sick, the poor, etc.,
  • science and education,
  • sports and a healthy lifestyle,
  • culture, art, and the protection of national heritage, and
  • ecology and environmental protection.

Any entity applying for a donation is required to fill out the application below and send it with the required attachments to [email protected]. Due to the internal procedures, please send the applications as far in advance as possible, prior to the start date of the project or activity for which the donation is intended.

Before submitting the application, please read the Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o o. Donation Guidelines for External Entities and the donation settlement form below.
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