Interruptions in gas supply

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa makes every effort to ensure that gas reaches our customers in a safe and continuous manner. However, there are occasions when gas supplies may be interrupted.
The most common cause of gas shortages are breakdowns that may take some time to resolve. Moreover, there are situations when the operator has to carry out necessary work on the gas network, which cannot be performed without temporarily shutting down the recipients’ supply. We strive to ensure that each repair we carry out has as little impact on your access to gas as possible, and that the supply is resumed as soon as possible.

Below we present information about the interruptions in gas supply that we are aware of. The data presented applies to situations where 200 or more connected buildings are left without gas. If you do not have gas, and there is no information below about any work in progress, check whether a notification has been posted in the stairwell or at the entrance to the property, or call and report the lack of gas to the emergency number 992.

Failures and scheduled interruptions in gas supply:

province city region shutdown from T_ALT_SORT_SHUTDOWNDATETIME estimated
info type status
No ongoing interruptions in gas supply