FOR THE MEDIA • April 28, 2023

PSG: making the gas green will accelerate Polish economy

On April 27, the Warsaw Gas Plant Museum hosted a conference entitled "Normalisation and standardisation as necessary technical regulations of the 21st century", organised by the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry. Marian Żołyniak, Member of the Management Board for Technical Issues at PSG, participated in the event.
The conference was devoted to the technical regulations that are indispensable in the contemporary world, and the role they play in the ever-developing and changing economy. During the event, the Member of the Management Board for Technical Issues at PSG discussed the standards that have to be implemented in Poland due to the growth of the biomethane sector.

"Polska Spółka Gazownictwa wants to keep up with the times. Making gas green by adding biomethane into our distribution network is an opportunity for our company. For this reason, we want to use the knowledge and experience of foreign companies that have been connecting biomethane plants to gas pipelines for over 15 years. One of the challenges I'd like us to face, and here I count on the support of the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry, is the implementation of the DVGW standards applicable in Germany to our conditions. This is necessary for the acceleration of the biomethane market, and, in turn, our entire economy," said the Member of the Management Board for Technical Issues at PSG.
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