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PSG at the POWERPOL Congress

February 22, 2021 Ireneusz Krupa, the PSG Management Board Member for Development and Investments, took part in the "Polish energy, gas and fuel market" panel organized as part of the POWERPOL Congress held in Warsaw.
In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, PSG did not record a decrease in gas distribution services in Poland, said Ireneusz Krupa. He explained that the very low temperatures that prevailed in our country at the end of the year made it possible to make up for the decrease in the volume of gas distributed in the second quarter, so eventually, 2020 managed to record a slight increase. 

Ireneusz Krupa assessed that PSG's infrastructure withstood well the record volumes of gas transmitted through the PSG network in January and February, but the Company must be prepared for such subsequent peaks in the future. 

He indicated two main directions for the expansion of the PSG distribution system: one associated with the introduction of biomethane to the grid and another with the connection of Polish heating plants that switched to gas fuel, now mostly coal-fired.

The President indicated that PSG is currently procedurally ready for connection to the grid and cooperation with biomethane plants. He reminded that, in line with the strategy of the PGNiG Group, the estimated biomethane distribution potential by 2030 may be as much as 4 billion m3 a year. He added that due to such forecasts regarding a significant increase in the amount of biomethane in the distribution network, new or updated regulations are needed. These regulations will enable producers to make biomethane, and us to put this gas into the grid, he added. He assessed that significant support from external funds is also needed here. 

According to the member of the PSG Management Board, the distribution potential to heat plants and combined heat and power plants that intend to abandon coal may exceed 3 billion m3 a year. He informed that PSG had recognized all such customers and that their connection would require a network expansion - both regarding transmission and distribution.
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