FOR THE MEDIA • October 8, 2020

President of PSG at the 6th DISE Energy Congress

The president of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, Ireneusz Krupa, took part in the panel called “The Role of Natural Gas as a Transitional Fuel in the Energy Transformation Process” as part of the 6th DISE Energy Congress 2020 in Wrocław.
President Ireneusz Krupa assessed that in the context of Poland’s energy transformation, the transition to biomethane is a great opportunity. “In Poland, we have a great potential for its production. Not hundreds, but thousands of biomethane plants need to be connected to the distribution network over the course of 10–20 years. The cost of connecting these facilities is a challenge,” he said.

“Currently, the distribution network in most cases does not have adequate absorption; without modernization, it will not be able to take in such amounts of biomethane. These are areas where biomethane plants will be built—agricultural areas, usually far away from the high-pressure gas network and large diameter pipes. These are tremendous costs,” added Ireneusz Krupa.
It is necessary to build a coherent model that will properly distribute the costs of biomethane transformation between gas manufacturers, distribution network operators, and customers.
“Looking at the assumptions of the Polish Energy Policy until 2040, one can see that in the next 10 years we expect to remove solid fuels from urban agglomerations and in the following 10, to remove solid fuels from rural areas. Today, there are still around 3 million coal-fired boilers in the entire country,” said Ireneusz Krupa.

He estimated that two-thirds of the 3 million users of coal-fired boilers in Poland can switch to fuel gas, although he added that the interest among customers shows that there may be more of them. “This means that in the next 20 years, the rate of connection to the grid may exceed 80,000 customers annually. Today we have this pace,” said President Krupa, adding that the cost of maintaining the pace of new connections is currently 1.4 billion PLN per year.

“Customers who switch to gas make decisions that will last many years, because no one buys a gas boiler for two or three years; it is rather done with a view to using it in the long term, for 20 years for example,” emphasized the president of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa.
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