FOR THE MEDIA • October 1, 2021

Second day of DISE 2021 with the participation of PSG board member Ireneusz Krupa

During the second day of the 7th Energy Congress DISE 2021 held in Wrocław, a Member of the Management Board for development and investments of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, Ireneusz Krupa, took the floor. The main topic of the discussion, in which the Member of the Management Board of PSG participated, was the transformation of the heating sector.
In the panel moderated by Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, President of the Energy Forum, apart from a member of the PSG Management Board, Ireneusz Krupa, the following people took part: Małgorzata Banasik from the BWW law firm, Marcin Bruszewski, chairman of the board of the Finnish section of SPCC, Jarosław Głowacki, Vice-President for technical affairs of PGNIG Termika, Dawid Klimczak, President of the Management Board of GreenX Utility, Artur Michalski, Vice-President of the Management Board of NFEPWM, Bogusław Rybacki, President of the Management Board of Enea Elektrownie Połaniec SA, Simo Säynevirta, Vice-President of the Management Board of ABB Oy and Jacek Szymczak, President of the Management Board of IGCP. 

During the discussion on the transformation of the heating sector, the panellists addressed, in particular, cogeneration, green heat, and the district heating network as a source of flexibility for energy systems. Ireneusz Krupa spoke about the scale of gasification and the challenges related to it.

– Gas has a chance to be located in all areas related to heating and power generation in an important way. Today, we identify the demand (and we have already signed connection agreements) for over 2 bcm of gas in small-scale heating. The second category is individual heating, where we currently estimate interest in switching from coal to gas boilers at 1.2 million projected changes. However, there are significant barriers on the horizon in terms of the implementation of investments and, above all, their financing. The construction of thee gas networks and individual connections alone may consume – within the next 10 years - over a dozen billion zlotys, said a Member of the Management Board of PSG for development and investment.
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