FOR THE MEDIA • October 10, 2022

PSG participates in GRDF’s event „Biomethane Learnex”

On September 21st and 22nd delegation from PSG participated in “Biomethane Learnex” event organized by GRDF.
GRDF is a French DSO with its distribution network that is over 200 000 km long. More than 11 000 GRDF’s employees work on the proper distribution of gas to 11 million customers. As a key link in the sector, GRDF is working to transform the distribution network into an effective tool for the energy transition. 

The aim of this event was to present and share the French experience concerning the development of the biomethane market in France. In addition, the event was attended by representatives of other DSOs such as: TASO (Latvia), Tokyo Gas (Japan) and Distrigaz Sud Retele (Romania).

The event consisted of two parts. During the first day participants had the chance to learn about regulations, support schemes for biomethane injected into the grid, technical aspects of injecting biomethane into the grid and project development through the eyes of biomethane producer. 

On the second day the participants had the chance to visit biomethane plant, reverse flow station and CNG bus station. During these visits, people responsible for the management of these facilities talked about how they function and presented their technical parameters.

The participation in this event allowed PSG’s employees to compare the solutions adopted by France regarding the early formation the biomethane market in France and its development throughout the years.
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