FOR THE MEDIA • September 27, 2021

PSG and NFEPWM together for energy transformation

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEPWM) and Polska Spółka Gazownictwa have signed a co-operation agreement. Both entities wish to expand the range of joint activities for the benefit of Poland’s energy transformation and improvement of air quality. The cooperation, which results from the support of diversification of supplies and expansion of the natural gas network infrastructure is in line with the strategic principles of Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040.
– In a reality where energy demand continues to grow and we want to reduce the megawatts of power from coal, a stable supply and distribution of gas – a fuel that is less carbon intensive than coal and more stable than renewables – will be absolutely essential to us. Therefore, on the one hand, we secure gas supplies by importing and increasing our own production. On the other hand, we want to modernise the gas infrastructure so that it can be used without restrictions by the energy sector, the industry and individual customers. These two goals will be helped by today’s agreement on collaboration between NFEPWM and PSG, stresses Michał Kurtyka, Minister for Climate and Environment.

The scope and nature of joint activities will also be consistent with the Strategy for Responsible Development in the Energy area.

– The agreement with PSG is another step towards promoting energy stability. In the transition of the heating sector towards climate neutrality, gas, especially if it is “greened”, can be of paramount importance as a transitional basis for the energy mix. I hope that the agreement will translate into new ideas on the use of gas by the power industry, especially in the heating sector. We will offer targeted financial support to specific, long-term projects which are so much needed by the Polish energy sector – says Artur Michalski, Vice-President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

– The agreement signed has a social and economic aspect. Increasing the efficiency of heat sources and improving users’ awareness of energy-efficient use of these sources is one of the key steps towards elimination of energy poverty, i.e. a situation in which a Polish family cannot afford to heat their apartment or cook a meal. Joint actions by NFEPWM and one of the PGNiG Group companies will make it possible to limit this problem. On the other hand, environmentally friendly energy is also more economical due to higher efficiency and lower social costs. The expertise of NFEPWM together with the knowledge and experience of PSG will allow us to achieve common goals, comments Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of PGNiG.

– The Polish power industry faces huge challenges especially in the area of thermal energy. System heating covers as much as 42 percent of the domestic demand for heat and is used daily by more than 15 million Poles. However, many heating plants still have not started modernisation measures to meet the requirements set by the European Union. I am convinced that thanks to the cooperation with NFEPWM we will manage not only to take care of clean air, but also the energy security of Poles, says Robert Więckowski, CEO of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa.
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