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Polska Spółka Gazownictwa joins Ready4H2 project

Ready4H2 is a project that involves analyzing the possibility of transporting 100% of H2 through distribution networks and determining the role of DSOs in the hydrogen economy.
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The project aims to combine the hydrogen expertise and experiences across the European gas distribution companies creating a common understanding of how the distribution networks can transform and become valuable enablers connecting producers of hydrogen and customers. 

The project was launched in November 2021 and PSG became a participant in it. The Ready4H2 project consists of 90 European gas distribution companies from 17 countries and organisations e.g.  GERG, CEDEC, GEODE, GD4S, Eurogas, Energy Community, Marcogaz.

The aim of this project is to define the role of DSOs in the hydrogen economy and to analyze the possibilities of hydrogen transport through distribution networks (new or existing, adapted to H2 transport). The project also aims at creating a common European understanding and a consolidated understanding of the future related to the transformation of the gas distributors towards climate neutrality. 

The project consist of three studies. The first study „Europe’s Local Hydrogen Networks. Local gas networks are getting ready to convert” is a collection of the experiences that the European gas distribution companies have with hydrogen projects and hydrogen infrastructure. This report is containing information specifying the potential of gas distribution networks in the process of decarbonising the gas system. 

The second study “The value of local hydrogen distribution networks in a decarbonised Europe”. This study focuses on how the gas distributors can contribute to the hydrogen value chain. The DSOs’ experiences and knowledge of delivering cost-effective, reliable and safe pipeline gas distribution can be utilized into hydrogen value chain. 

The third study will provide a roadmap with concrete initiatives for how the gas distribution companies at the European and national level can be a link between hydrogen producers and consumers. It will describe possible barriers and opportunities along the gas distributors' road to being the responsible hydrogen pipeline distributor. 

Information on the project and the results of the various phases of the project is published on the website Ready4H2 - Combining the hydrogen expertise and experiences.
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