FOR THE CUSTOMER • May 19, 2021

Despite the pandemic, our customers’ satisfaction is growing

A survey conducted by Polska Spółka Gazownictwa shows that in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer satisfaction rate with the service of connecting to the gas network increased.
For the first time, customer satisfaction with PSG's remote methods of dealing with issues was verified, including the Company's Online Connection Portal operating since March 2020 - a tool that enables the entire procedure of connecting to the online network.

According to the survey, the customer service satisfaction with process of connecting to the gas network in 2020 was 4.31 on a five-point scale, as compared to 4.20 in 2019. The results for the previous year included the satisfaction rate of customers who joined the gas network using the traditional service method and the satisfaction rate of customers who joined the gas network through the Connection Portal. A higher level of satisfaction was found among customers using the Connection Portal. PSG's customers gave the best ratings to the contractors and the service provided by the Connection Portal.

The responses to the question on whether the respondents would recommend using the Connection Portal to their friends confirmed the high results of the overall satisfaction rate of the customers using the Connection Portal. According to the surveys, 96.8 percent of respondents recommend using the Connection Portal. Over the past year, the Connection Portal was used by nearly 100,000 customers who applied for defining the conditions for connection to the gas network. Furthermore, since November, customers also have the option of signing connection agreements via the Portal, with over 12 thousand of them concluded so far.
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